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Car drive on Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway
NH Kancamagus Hwy

The Kancamagus Highway stretches across the White Mountains for 34.5 miles from Conway to Lincoln. This scenic road climbs to nearly 3,000 feet as it traverses the flank of Mt. Kancamagus at the height of land in Lincoln. There are so many opportunities in this stretch of road. No one could take it all in one day if they were seriously going to hike all the trails! We are not your hikers, but we did hike up an incline for a 1/2 mile to get to Sabbaday Falls.

Check in at the Ranger station (one at both ends) and get your parking pass. Also, you can pick up plenty of maps and info about the various stops and overlooks. We were so lucky in that we had a glorious sunny, clear day. What a beautiful drive. The map below is wider than rest of page, but you can scroll to the right. That's where we started.

Black MTN Burger Co.

Website: Black MTN B

This was the perfect spot for lunch. We just exited the Kancamagus Highway and were officially in Lincoln. Our choice for lunch was in a strip center to our left. We could have traveled a bit further south than Lincoln to Woodstock, only to be able to say "We went to Woodstock." But we were happy with our choice. So, since we've never been to Woodstock, we might just need to go back.

We went back on the 'Kanc' and picked up at least one spot we missed on the way to Lincoln. We headed back to Portland to stay at the same hotel we started


Back Bay Grill

Website: Back Bay Grill

This was an early choice by the vacation voters and it was wonderful. The current chef and owner Larry Matthews bought the restaurant in 1997 and since then the restaurant has won awards in food and wine. We were able to take the hotel shuttle, so Jim got a break from driving.