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Of course, fireworks at Chandler's tops my list. I'm planning to send the GM an email thanking him.
I had the Alaskan scallops with gorgonzola ravioli (I understand that Trader Joe's sells the ravs).

Butchart Gardens were outstanding. Also dug Craigdarroch Castle.

Getting to see how they make the planes at Boeing Boeing (are you laughing Marilyn?) was really cool.

Marriott Lake Union was great, especially since they didn't hassle us for smoking gars on the patio and for selling beer/wine.

I liked the Black Ball Ferry rides. Never been on a big one like that. Not sure if I ever will again.

I had been to Pike Place Market before, so it wasn't a big deal for me.

John's Place lived up to the hype and then some

Sun was a problem at Ray's, but I got some good sunset pix.

Big Bad John's was OK, nothing to write home about.

Shudda planned a whole week.

Holiday Inn Express - typical

Wish we had better weather (yeah right!!).

Thanks Jim for doing the driving.