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FAV moments, places
I loved the whole vacation, but the highlights were definitely related to Chandler’s on 4th of July. I mean, what can you say? The best seat in the house with the best oysters I ever ate and it seemed like Seattle was putting on a fireworks show just for me! Loved the Pink Door and I have already looked up Besciamella Sauce (on my lasagna that was heavenly) .
I loved our hotel in Seattle – The Residence Inn was superb in my opinion. The Boeing Flight tour was too much to comprehend; so amazing to see how they build such planes. The Harbor tour was a great capsule of info and so cool to see the container ships. Pikes Market is burned in my brain cells. Loved the ferry experiences since I’ve never done that before. The castle was cool and I loved its many purposes of existence; and the mission statement Neil captured in a photo – yeah capitalism.
Chateau Victoria hotel was okay, and they were so nice to let us come back after being checked out to print our boarding passes. Also, so cool to meet the waiter upstairs in Vista Martini bar that recommended John’s Place for breakfast the next day -- how awesome was that??? Such a good feeling to remember and totally miss that awesome weather!!

Where improvement is needed
My food was great once we got past “what we don’t have” at Ray’s. Ray’s needs to invest in some window shades. Not everyone loves being blinded by the sun in the afternoon/evening. I know many are just happy to see the sun.
Elliott’s – great atmosphere, and my halibut was good until I had better at Ray’s. I think you should really eat oysters at Elliott’s.

Please Sequim – have a place open past 10 pm where people can eat. We killed Brenda --- feel so bad we finished her knee off and she was the great trouper!! Please Continental Airlines – get your act together!! No reason why it should take that long to process baggage. Southwest beats you HANDSDOWN!!! AND come on TSA – can’t more than 1 out of 5 employees actually do something??? No reason for lines to be backed up in security that long. Totally a waste of government funds and everyone’s time.