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Our travel pals consist of Neil & Marilyn Blahut, Ron & Brenda Bisbee, and Jim & Dana Webb. And we go on vacations together. We actually just went on a vacation last October so this was the shortest time ever between vacations. But we know we are getting older and that we better hurry up! Early this year Neil threw out some ideas and his San Diego idea looked really good to Dana. We had just one obstacle - Jim, who previously refused to go to California. So Dana pleaded and Jim gave in. Neil, Marilyn and Dana actually did all the planning and bought all the tickets to our events. We divided up the costs and sent the Bisbees a bill.

Dana always thought San Diego must be hotter than Texas since San Diego is right there on the Mexico border. But even though San Diego is considered a desert, the average temperature year round is 74. And it was true. It's like an outdoor AC going at all times. Plus there are so many things to go see and do. So yes, must go back to take in the zoo and more. It was a great vacation and we have even more wonderful memories.