Sunday, July 6 Back

Bisbees and Webbs
3770 leaving PIT at 1:55 pm arriving in Houston at 3:50pm

The Blahuts stayed an extra day so they could spend the rest of the day with Jan and Bob. They flew home on Monday.

Meat and Potatoes

Website: Meat and Potatoes

Hyde Park Steakhouse

Website: Hyde Park Steakhouse

Webbs and Bisbees got a cab to take us to the airport around eleven. At the same time the Blahuts took the hotel shuttle to Meat and Potatoes to meet Jan and Bob for brunch. Meat and Potatoes is owned by the same folks that own Butcher and the Rye.

They hung out at the hotel a while and then ate dinner at Hyde Park Steakhouse.


Where to Next?

Ideas were an Alaskan cruise, a fall Portland Maine trip, Washington D.C., the Twin Cities....Almost time to start planning.