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Heinz History Center

Website: Heinz History Center

The Senator John Heinz History Center has six floors of permanent and changing exhibitions that focus on Western Pennsylvania. It is housed in the old Chautauqua Lake Ice Company building. The Sports Museum is a part of the Heinz History Center This museum had every sport imaginable but focused on the teams in Pittsburgh with video clips and radio broadcasts from days gone by.

One of the temporary exhibits that was very interesting was Pittsburgh's Lost Steamboat, Treasures of the Arabia. Back in 1853 the Arabia launched from Pittsburgh and sank in the Missouri River. It was discovered 150 years later deep below a Kansas cornfield. The boat had hit a tree snag near Kansas City. This exhibit has nearly 2,000 perfectly preserved artifacts, including coats, boots, china dishes, and even jars of pickles!

Primanti Brothers

Website: Primanti Brothers

Primanti Brothers was founded in 1933 in Pittsburgh in the Strip District near the Allegheny River. Back then the area was full of warehouses and produce yards. The famous sandwich was invented during the Great Depression for all the late night and early morning workers. The modern signature sandwich contains grilled meat, and Italian dressing coleslaw, tomato slices, and French fries served between two pieces of Italian bread. Primanti Brothers is now a chain with a popular concession stand inside PNC Park. There is usually a long line at the place since you’re not supposed to leave Pittsburgh without eating there!


Website: Dominic's

After Primanti Bros, we walked and shopped at the shops in the Strip District. Then we called for our hotel shuttle to pick us up. Then we walked down the block and across the street to Dominic’s. Dominic’s is located on the Roberto Clemente Bridge side of PNC park. The deli and bottle shop is always busy when a baseball or football game is happening.

Anthrocon, short for Anthropomorphic Convention, was happening in Pittsburgh over the 4th of July weekend. Most people just call them ‘furries’ since they dress up like various furry critters. We saw several furries fully dressed walking around the streets of Pittsburgh when we were on our Hop On – Hop Off tour, but some actually posed for us outside Dominic’s.

Butcher and the Rye (and hotel patio)

Website: Butcher and the Rye

Butcher and the Rye was a restaurant reviewed in Pittsburgh Magazine in February 2013. Neil, Marilyn and Dana had just subscribed to the free online magazine, and we all thought this looked like a very cool place to go. It’s in the Cultural District which is just across the river from our hotel area. The décor is very interesting. Downstairs is an open table area where there are no reservations. The second floor has long bookcases full of old books and antiques. There’s a large stuffed bear and antler chandelier. The menu features a lot of charcuterie and meat selections that you just don’t see every day. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner here!

Our hotel shuttle was our transportation to and from Butcher and the Rye. Afterwards we gathered in the outdoor hotel patio area for a drink and cigars.