Oregon Trip April 18-22
Monday - April 18

Mike and Denice did leave Burbank (where they were visiting their daughter Madie) and arrived in Portland around 1:30pm. They secured a rent car.

Jim and Dana made it to the airport through tons of rain and after 15 minutes, Southwest canceled all plane flights that weren't going directly south. The airport had no one going through security. Most people were piled up at the Southwest counter trying to reschedule flights. Jim and Dana were in line, but Jim managed to change our flights over the phone and save time. This storm crippled Houston. Jim canceled the rent car and hotel. So Jim and Dana head back home driving though rain and notified everyone of changes. Some moping occured.

Mike and Denice decided to travel Highway 30 along the Columbia River to take in some scenery and waterfalls before checking into the hotel. They visited Latoureil Falls and Multnomah Falls. Then they checked into the Benson and went to Ringside where we had reservations.

The Benson

Website: The Benson

Ringside Steakhouse

Website: Ringside Steakhouse

Tuesday - April 19

Website: Cheryl's on 12th

Website: Powell's Books

Jim and Dana set the alarm for 3:30am so they could be on the road by 4:30. The airport was packed due to all the cancellations the day before. They flew to San Diego CA and changed planes, and arrived in Portland around 1:30pm.
Meanwhile Mike and Denice decided to follow the itinerary, and so they had a wonderful breakfast at Cheryl's on 12th. Then they went to Powell's Books and looked around until they left for the airport to pick up Jim and Dana.
Off to Toledo! And to get there as fast as we could, we just took the interstate. We made it by 4:30pm. We visited awhile then the Traveling Webbs left to check in their hotel in Newport. Jim and Louise met us at Georgie's Beachside Grill for dinner.

Website: Holiday Inn Express

Website: Georgie's Beachside Grill

Wednesday April 20

Website: The Coffee House
After a hearty breakfast at The Coffee House, the Traveling Webbs drove to Toledo.

It was hang-out Day with the Toledo Webbs. Since Jim and Mike were interested in family ancestry and history, Unc and Auntie had piles of scrapbooks ready. We learned a lot and took many photos of photos.
For lunch Unc and Auntie wanted to take us to lunch. We were surprised to find ourselves at the Olalla Valley Golf Club right there in Toledo. It was great!
We took photos of their beautiful yard, then more old scrapbooks.

Website: Local Ocean Seafoods
The Toledo Webbs declined going to dinner with us. They were probably tired of answering so many questions! Ha! So the Traveling Webbs ate dinner at Local Ocean Seafood in Newport.

Thursday - April 21

Uncle Jim and Aunt Louise met us for breakfast at one of their long time favorites -- the Chalet.

Website: Chalet Pie House

Website: Pelican Pub & Brewery

After breakfast, we said our goodbyes. The Traveling Webbs took the coastal scenic highway 101 up to Tillamook, then turned east to Portland.

Website: Airport Courtyard Marriott

Website: Salty's

Friday April 22

Mike and Denice flew to Las Vegas and changed planes to Tulsa.

Jim and Dana flew to Dallas and changed planes to Houston.

Website: Caper's Cafe

A nice breakfast spot at the beginning of Southwest's concourse C. In Dana's opinion, the Portland airport is one of the best.