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Bisbees and Webbs
1452/2546 leaving HOU at 9:40am arriving at MSP at 2:30.

4267 non-stop from STL at 11:55 arriving at 1:25

We rented a great van! We praise the mighty troopers Marilyn, Neil and Ron that climbed into the very backseat at times, and even lived to tell about it. There is a rail, but it was really limited in scope to the things we wanted to see.

So we loaded into our van and headed to our hotel to check in.

Our Super Driver Jim

Marriott Residence Inn

Website: Marriott Residence Inn Downtown at the Depot

Our Photos

Nicollet Mall

Nicollet Mall is really a street full of shops and restaurants. No cars drive on Nicollet Mall and the majority of the street is under construction. They are building more green space and fountains.

Website: Randle's

Website: The News Room