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Young Hope & Old Glory
This is a Giclee reproduction  22 in. by 28 in.

“Young Hope & Old Glory” is an extraordinary work by Mark McCord that has been reproduced on the highest quality archival artist’s canvas, through a process called Giclee, (pronounced jee-clay). Giclee is a high-resolution digital print that is created and   of such quality that some art experts have difficulty telling a Giclee from an original. This fact has prompted museums and collectors to substitute Giclees for originals, thereby safeguarding the priceless works in vaults.

 “Young Hope & Old Glory” has been reproduced only once and that particular print was recently sent as a gift to Oprah. We are now offering it for $450 plus shipping. A Certificate of Authenticity certifying that this Giclee print has been faithfully reproduced from the original work of Mark McCord will be included.


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