Sunday Back

It's Raining, It's Pouring

The weatherman was right! A flood was coming! We woke up Sunday morning to thunder, lightning, and a downpour! Scratch that plantation off our morning activity. We were stuck in the hotel. At least, the rain began slowing now as it got closer to noon. We did have reservations at Husk at 1:00pm, but I called first to make sure the street was clear. We learned on our bus tour that most of the historic area floods easily.


Website: Husk

When Neil and I (Dana) were investigating the best places to eat, Husk was always mentioned as being mandatory. Husk is in the historic downtown area and is located in an old 2-story house. The chefs focus on ingredients indigenous to the South. In fact, 'if it doesn't come from the South, it's not coming through the door' is their motto. Husk has in-house pickling and makes their own charcuterie. The menu changes by the day because the menu is designed from what local foods are available.

While waiting for our table, we ordered bloody mary's. They are made with about 40 ingredients including house-made tomato juice. Of course the recipe is a secret, but they were the best we ever had.

Driving Around

These photos are actually gathered from a few times that we just drove around Charleston. It seemed easier to group them together than when they actually occurred. Some of our driving around did point out those area of Charleston that were still flooded from Sunday morning's downpour. Some houses even have canoes... just in case.

The GateWay Walk came about in the 1930's as a project by the Garden Club. We did not go on the self-guided Gateway Walk, but I think if I ever went back to Charleston that it would be a top priority.

CSO Gospel Choir

Website: CSO Gospel Choir

When reviewing different events that would be happening in Charleston while we were there, I ran across a Palm Sunday performance by the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Gospel Choir.

The choir is consists of about 80 singers and they have special concerts throughout the year.

The Choir performed this song and it sounded just like this except, no organ. Listen to Walter Hawkins' 'Be Grateful'(Walter Hawkins wrote the song.)

The concert was held in the historic Emanuel AME Church.


Website: Hank's

When researching restaurants, Hank's was another restaurant that kept popping up as being mandatory. Hank's focuses on traditional seafoods and Low Country dishes. Hank's is modeled after the fish houses of the 1940's and is located in an old warehouse (in historic downtown area). It has been voted "Best Seafood Restaurant" by the Charleston City Paper for fourteen years. The back of the menu has a hitory of Chalreston's Infamous bars, brothels & restaurants that is quite interesting (Check out our photos to read).