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Magnolia Plantation

Website: Magnolia Plantation

We planned the dates of our vacation around azaleas blooming at plantations. Everything we read said the end of March or first of April was the best time. They were right - azaleas in bloom everywhere. But no one predicted the bitter cold. We changed our schedule due to Sunday's rain. Neil and Marilyn were still suffering from colds and made the right decision to not go out in the cold wind. So the Webbs and Bisbees ventured out to Magnolia Gardens. It was a freezing good time. The Draytons arrived from Barbados to the new English colony of Charles Towne and established Magnolia Plantation along the Ashley River in 1679. The Magnolia family ownership has lasted more than 300 years and continues to this day.

Butcher & Bee

Website: Butcher & Bee

I read about the Butcher & Bee when researching another restaurant. It was mentioned in Southern Living magazine under 'where we are eating'. It is further north than public transportation, but since we had a van, no problem. They make their own bread which I think is the whole secret of the awesome Rueben sandwich I had. They also make a lot of their own sandwhich meats - like pastrami. The atmosphere is simple with community seating. The menu is written on a chalkboard each day and photographed and put on Facebook. If you are a late nighter, they are open until 3am! I'd go back there for that Rueben sandwich any day - the best I ever had!

Charleston Museum

Website: Charleston Museum

We finally had enough time to go to the Charleston Muesum (America's First Museum). When we first attempted to go, we found out it was closing in an hour. This museum is America's first museum founded in 1773. The layout is very inviting and informative about the history of the area. Unfortunately, Brenda missed a lot of the museum because she was hanging out around the men's restroom waiting for Ron. She even went in the men's restroom to find him, but he was out long ago and got to see all the museum. The Visitor's Center is across the street, and it would probably be best to start your Charleston vacation at the Visitor Center and go to the museum next. You'd be very well prepared for the rest of your vacation.

Gill on the Edge

Website: Gill on the Edge

Folly Beach is a 7-mile barrier reef that is just 8 miles south of Charleston. It is also known as the best beach in South Carolina, and sometimes called 'the edge of America'. Many suggested when visiting Charleston to go see Folly Beach. The weather was not exactly beach weather, but we could imagine how busy it would be in the summer. The reef is lined with condos and hotels.

The Grill on the Edge was mentioned several places, so we decided to go there for dinner. The name has now changed to The Grill and Island Bar, but the menu looks the same. Click to see menu