Friday Back

Bisbees and Webbs
3/22 3058 leaving HOU at 7:55am arriving in Charleston at 11:15am

3/22 1105/460 leaving STL at 6:55am arriving in Charleston at 12:10pm

The Blahuts had a stopover in Chicago and someone got to eat this yummy looking breakfast bagel.  The Bisbees picked up the Webbs and we had smooth sailing all around. We ate breakfast at Pappasito’s at Hobby airport.  All landed just on schedule and no one lost any luggage.  Jim had the Dodge Caravan cleared and ready to go – just 3 miles on it.  Luggage barely fit.

Marriott Residence Inn

Website: Marriott Residence Inn

Our hotel was just across the Ashley river from the Historic District. No fees for parking a car!


Hominy Grill

Website: Hominy Grill

The Hominy Grill was one that came up over and over again as we researched our restaurant suggestions.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner  -- all classic southern specialties.  Once you are seated, you are served a complimentary serving of boiled peanuts. They even sell their cookbook, which Brenda bought.


Charleston Visitor’s Center


Website: Visitor’s Center


We went to the Charleston Museum, but learned that we would have only an hour to see it before they closed, so we decided to wait until another day.  We went across the street to the Visitor’s Center (old train station) and looked around.  Then we went on a drive in the van to get an idea of the area.  Jim, the driver, soon learned pedestrians rule and everyone jaywalks.

See map of Historic District

The Grocery

Website: The Grocery

Charleston was extra crowded as the Charleston University was having a big freshman orientation. We could not get into Two Boroughs Larder (our restaurant planned for the evening) due to ‘they don’t take reservations’ and there is no parking.  We did discover another restaurant on our list nearby – The Grocery.