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Museum of Science

Website: Museum of Science

Jim and Dana went to this museum in 1997 and were so sad because the Van de Graff generator was malfunctioning. We didn't take many photos, but at least the generator worked this time!

Museum of Science


Cambridge - Harvard

Website: Cambridge

Website: John Harvard's Brewery & Ale House


We ate dinner at a pizza place near the hotel (Jim remembers). People were gathering for the Boston Pops and fireworks show. We were planning to join the crowd, but there was a steady drizzle of rain. Luckily there was not enough rain to cancel the event.

We knew rain was a possibility, so we had requested hotel rooms facing the Charles River where the fireworks would be launched. We were only able to open the hotel bedroom window about 6 inches, but it was enough to smell the fireworks. We could see them easily from our window, AND the Boston Pops concert was televised. So, no problem! We had a great time in our hotel room and watched all the dripping wet people leave when it was over.

We went our separate ways back home the next morning. We were learning the art of vacationing.