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We found a place across the street from our hotel that offered a great, cheap breakfast! (About 4.99 for an omelet, toast, roasted potatoes.) I think we ate breakfast there every day after our great discovery. Hotel breakfast was over twice as much.

Freedom Trail

Website: Freedom Trail

Fenway Park

We rode the subway to Fenway Park. We just had to see it and little did we know a game was to be played in 2 hours. We walked around the whole park and took in the excitement.

Website: Fenway Park

Fenway Park

Ether Dome

Ether Dome

Marilyn was the one who came up with this destination. Our hotel was just two blocks from the Massachusetts General Hospital. We entered in the ER area and walked and walked until we found it. This photo shows the part we couldn't see - the top is a real dome. It was very cool.

Website: Ether Dome

No photos, but we actually changed clothes and walked several blocks west to an area that had several restaurants. We ended up at some upstairs seafood restaurant. There was a table next to ours with about three young navy men on leave with some newly met female acquantences. They were loud and obnoxious, and then our waitress was a loser. Maybe that experience was a big one that taught us "winging it" wasn't a good idea.