Monday, July 2 Back

Jim and Dana left Houston and arrived in Chicago at 11:30am
Neil and Marilyn left St. Louis and arrived in Chicago at 12:00pm
All four got on the same plane from Chicago to Manchester NH and arrived at 5pm

Now for some background. This vacation is being documented 9 years after the vacation, and this was before we became vacation experts. We had some ideas, but nothing definite and certainly no restaurants picked out. The Webbs and Blahuts had taken some small Texas vacations together in the past (Corpus Christi and Austin). In 2007 the Blahuts now lived in St. Louis. Jim and Dana did take a Boston vacation in 1997. Neil had been to Boston before, but Marilyn had never been there.

In 2007 Southwest Airlines did not fly to Boston (they do now). We all had Southwest free flights and the closest airport was in Manchester, NH. The good thing was a shuttle from Manchester to north Boston and it was free for those that had proof of airline tickets. So we landed in Manchester and got on the Manchester Shuttle. Our driver was a bit manic and it was like "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". We were dumped off at the Sullivan Square MBTA Station in Boston. Now we (with our luggage) maneuvered the Boston subway to get to our hotel.

There's no need to rent a car in Boston. Take the subway. You can get everywhere you want to go using the subway.

Click here to see larger subway map

Holiday Inn Select of Beacon Hill

Why is there a Wyndham sign on the hotel? It is a Wyndam now, but nine years ago it was a Holiday Inn. The hotel is only a block from the Charles River where the fireworks barge is anchored.

Antonio's Cusina Italiana

Website: Antonio's Cusina Italiana

We finally figured out where we ate dinner the first night!